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The International Education Corporation Group (TIEC GROUP) is a multi-disciplinary consulting company specialising in international education strategy, professional development training facilitation and educational recruitment services (students and staff).

Core Services:

  • Student Advisory/Placement Service
  • Teacher Training and Educators Development Courses
  • International Schools Exhibition & Fairs
  • TIEC GROUP Guardianship service & Host family placement (UK)
  • Education Magazine (termly publication)
  • Advisory and Consulting Services to Corporations and Governments

TIEC GROUP Launches Online Teacher Magazine (Education Quarterly)

Education Quarterly (EQ) is an independent international magazine published by TIEC GROUP specifically for our readers in international schools in Africa. It aims to keep educators abreast of current trends in their field by offering informative articles on instructional strategies and methodology, classroom management, professional and personal development, and national and international issue

TIEC GROUP's Student Recruitment Arm records 3 Oxbridge Success Stories. 

In 2004, Two young Nigerians who founded TIEC GROUP( Ope Sodeinde  & Olugbenga Ogunbode) studying in the UK believed and still do that world-class education and the educated diaspora had a critical role to play if we are to change the fortunes of the continent. But those change agents had to be exposed to world-class education and prepared to see educaiton as a means to serve and not to be served.This has driven all that we have done since then.  It's always a thing of joy when we see this vision fulfiled in some ways- we are indeed blessed and most grateful to share with you that in 2019  three of our students’ from Nigeria have progressed to Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Two at Cambridge and one at Oxford- It can be done and YES WE CAN!



TIEC GROUP will hold the annual Virtual Education Disruption Summit in August 2022

TIEC GROUP is committed to the development of Education and Educators in Africa. We have been serving schools and educators on the continent since 2007 and remain committed to them especially in a season such as the present.

EDS has been created as an action and system leadership platform to discuss and share solutions on how schools can ride the current storm and move from striving to thriving.

TIEC GROUP will run the session from the 29th to 30th August 2022.